I’m a dad, husband, designer, photographer & musician, to name just a few things.


Life’s too short to be bored.

I started out with dreams of rock stardom and although my dreams and goals have shifted over time, my design career evolved out of a deep creative vein that I have possessed my entire life.

After doing DIY design work for different bands I played in (because we had no money to pay anybody), I learned that I had a good feel for layout and general design work.

Having a background in audio production and never being afraid of a computer, I taught myself web design, video production and anything else that I needed to learn to complete a project.

Moving into larger e-commerce driven sites has allowed me to explore usability concepts and social media strategies where design is just as important as user functionality.

I also developed a love of photography which started with the birth of my daughter and has since grown into something I now use in my work environment in shooting product photography.

I’ve never felt like I specialized in just one thing. There are way too many exciting things to do in life. Do what you love and what excites you and it will show in your work. You may even end up not considering it work.


Web Design | Graphic Design | UI Design | Usability
E-Commerce | Email Marketing | Social Media
Project Management
Audio Production | Video Production

Feel free to contact me at: aaron@atz459.com

You can download my full resume in PDF form here.