Broke Again…

Well after a pretty successful St. Pat’s run this year, I came up injured again.  I managed to do the 5 mile run holding a 9:24 mile pace, which was pretty fast compared to what I had been running during the training for the half marathon.  One of my problems with running is that I have a tendency to pull back when I’m going downhill.  This in turn probably threw my form out of whack and caused me to hit my heel.

When I finished the race, I could tell that there was something up with my right ankle and lower leg.  I limped around for awhile and then headed for the car.  Hopeful that this would just be a minor setback, I headed home.

I had a gig in Rolla, MO that night so I iced my leg all the way down, but was hurting pretty much every time I put weight on it.  I finished the gig, made the drive home and kept my fingers crossed that I would be able to do my long run on Sunday.

I managed to do the 7 mile long run although it was a struggle the entire way.  I took a couple of days off and then tried to run on Wednesday.  This was when I noticed the crescendo pain in my right leg.  About twenty feet into it, I stopped, limped back to work and headed to the urgent care to get an x-ray.

No stress fracture showed up, but they can hide on standard x-ray’s.  So I continued to rest it and made appointment to see the sports doctor. So after a few visits, I have been diagnosed with shin splints and still the lingering possibility of having a stress fracture in my tibia.

I still need to schedule a bone scan, but I due believe my GO! St. Louis Half Marathon is a no-go this year.  My plan is to focus on getting healthy again and go get a stride analysis to try and figure out where my problems are.  I may get some specific POSE training since my natural running stride is a midfoot/forefoot strike.

To be continued…