Candid Photography | Tom R. May 2011

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Mother’s Day was spent over at my sister-in-laws house out in the country.  Not only did I get some great shots of Anya and her cousin, but I managed to get some pretty good shots of my wife’s Grandpa.  He was a hard working dairy farmer and to this day is still a hard working man, well into his 80’s.  I managed to get some candid shots as my wife and him were talking.

I think he was a little weirded out by me shooting, but I’m pretty sure he soon forgot about it because it was a good conversation he was involved in and I was shooting with the 200mm lens, so I wasn’t right on top of him.

I always like candid shots in black & white, plus the Tom has a great face with a ton of character, so it makes for great contrast.  Anyway, I really like these shots.